Hong Kong media reported recently that China is building a 1 billion yuan "superconducting computer", an unprecedented machine capable of developing new weapons, deciphering codes, analyzing intelligence and helping stop the surge in energy demand.

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This news again draws attention to the development of China's super - arithmetic. "Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's ultra-computing technology has developed from scratch to the world's leading level. Feng shengzhong, director of the national supercomputing center in shenzhen, told science and technology daily.

"" whether the superconducting computers reported by the media or the e-class computers we are developing, they are driven by scientific laws and national needs, not for the sake of being advanced and advanced." " Feng stressed.

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Science and technology daily: supercomputers are playing an increasingly important role in various fields. As you have just mentioned, the scientific spirit plays an important role. Could you elaborate on it?

It is located at a prime location of Tsim Sha Tsui in the heart of Hong Kong city, which is a hub for tourists from all over the world. This makes it a .

Feng shengzhong: the scientific spirit I understand is the rational spirit of seeking truth from facts, seeking truth from facts and being pragmatic and pioneering and innovative. China's supercomputer industry has grown rapidly and has become a name card of China alongside aerospace and high-speed rail. This is the result of the persistent exploration and pioneering innovation of several generations of computer people.

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Back then, when western developed countries imposed an embargo on China, China tried to buy a supercomputer, but to be locked in a "glass house", it could only be used under the supervision of foreign sellers, and Chinese workers could not touch the core parts of the machine. It's very exciting for us. With generations of painstaking efforts, we now have the divine power, the Milky Way, the dawn series, and in a way, China's supercomputers can compete with the developed world.